What is AdBlue®?

AdBlue® is a non-toxic, non-flammable; biodegradable urea and water-based liquid additive that processes the harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) gases, produced by diesel vehicle exhaust system’s and turns these gasses into water vapour and nitrogen gas.

The AdBlue® solution is stored in a tank positioned near the vehicles conventional fuel tank, accessed through a cap typically found near the fuel filler cap.

The System works by injecting minute amounts of the solution into the exhaust system when the engine is running. The chemicals in AdBlue® break down the polluting NOx emissions into harmless water vapour and nitrogen gas.

When the AdBlue® reservoir is running low typically a warning will appear on the dash board. If this is ignored and the vehicle goes below a certain level the vehicle may go into limp mode resulting in reduced power, or if the AdBlue® supply is exhausted entirely the vehicle may not run at all. AdBlue® consumption often increases when driving under load (exacerbated by high engine load driving or towing a trailer or caravan, for example), with the result that the low AdBlue® message may deploy earlier than usual.