Keeping your windscreen clear without damaging your vehicle

Failing to use a proper de-icer and ice scraper can cause permanent damage to your vehicle – notably scratching the glass or damaging the surrounding rubber seals.  

But a new survey from Autoglym, the car care products provider, has revealed that ill-prepared motorists often rely on a variety of makeshift objects such as books, newspapers, CD cases, clothes and kitchen towels – even alcoholic drinks – instead of a proper ice scraper.

Almost a quarter said they have used their credit card, and more than 15% have used boiling water – putting their windscreen at risk of cracking or shattering due to the extreme change in temperature.  
To de-ice your vehicle properly:

  • Carry an ice scraper and a full strength de-icer to clear ice from windscreen, mirrors, wipers and locks.
  • Don’t drive until your front and rear screen and side windows are clear of ice – it is illegal to drive with poor visibility.
  • Increase the concentration of your vehicle’s screenwash, to prevent the solution from freezing as temperatures drop.
  • Clean your vehicle periodically during the winter months to prevent a build-up of dirt. Be sure to dislodge mud and salt that can collect under wheel arches and cause corrosion.
  • Protect your vehicle by using a premium-grade polish or wax.

“Instead of attacking the windscreen with boiling water and a credit card, I’d urge motorists to prepare themselves with the correct equipment for the job,” Autoglym’s Paul Caller said.