Roadsense launches combined telematics and 3G accident camera unit

Roadsense has launched Roadsense Live Plus: a telematics and real-time 3G camera combined in a single unit.

The product is able to send video of events such as collisions and dangerous manoeuvres to the Roadsense platform in real-time, allowing almost instant viewing of hazardous events, together with real-time incident notification via SMS or email.

Medium-threshold events can also be sent back in real-time or can be stored onboard the vehicle and retrieved on demand.

Video of low-threshold events can also be captured and retrieved remotely, or simply used as part of behavioural scoring.

A rolling record of all driving events are also stored on-board the unit.

The Roadsense telematics platform is fully-compatible with the new system, while a second plug-in camera unit can provide operators with a second internal or external real-time view from the vehicle.