Thank you for attending the National Transition Event at Silverstone

Tony Hewins – Group Training Manager

Thank you for joining Sapphire Vehicle Service at the National Transitional Event at Silverstone. I’m Tony Hewins, Group Training Manager. 

I’d love to chat with you further about how Sapphire can support your transition from the Armed Forces in our business. We have a proven track record supporting guys just like you, with tailored training programs designed to support and develop your needs, every step of the way. 

Sapphire Vehicle Services doesn’t just offer a job; we offer a path – a path that leverages your strengths, nurtures your talents, and opens doors to a successful career. 

If you would like to learn more, please complete the form below, and I will be in touch personally.

All the best
Tony Hewins


Jack’s Journey with sapphire

The rhythmic rattle of a CRARRV under inspection was once Jack Ward’s daily soundtrack. For six years, he served in the army, his mind attuned to the intricate language of engines and gears. He meticulously inspected vehicles and tackled challenging repairs – experiences that forged not just his technical expertise but also his resilience and leadership qualities.

Transitioning back to civilian life, however, was a different kind of battlefield. Uncertainty gnawed at Jack. Would his military skills translate to the private sector? Would he find a company that valued his experience and offered the support he needed to thrive?

Enter Sapphire Vehicle Services. Stepping into their workshop felt like finding an oasis. The transitional support was exceptional, a stark contrast to the bureaucratic maze he’d feared. Mentors patiently guided him, translating his military knowledge into the specific needs of the company. Tailored Training programs honed his skills, and soon, Jack wasn’t just repairing vehicles – he was diagnosing complex issues, leading teams, and sharing his expertise with new recruits.

Two years in, Jack is no longer just a technician; he’s a rising star. His leadership skills, forged in the army, shine through as he motivates his team. His meticulous attention to detail, born from years of rigorous inspections, ensures every vehicle leaves the workshop is DVSA Compliant . And his ability to think critically and solve problems under pressure, fostered in the heat of military operations, makes him an invaluable asset.

But Jack’s success story isn’t just about his technical prowess. It’s about the human connection he’s built at Sapphire Vehicle Services. He’s found a community that understands his unique experiences and values his contributions. He mentors other veterans, sharing his own journey and offering invaluable guidance.

Sapphire Vehicle Services didn’t just offer him a job; they offered him a path – a path that leveraged his strengths, nurtured his talents, and opened doors to a future he could only dream of. From battlefield mechanic to master technician, Jack’s journey is a testament to the power of support, opportunity, and the unwavering spirit of a veteran who found his true calling.